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Illva Saronno


The company

The company

The Illva Saronno holding employs more than 600 people and generates a turnover of half a billion euros. The production and commercial activities are organized into four business lines.

The spirit division – which generates over 90% of its turnover abroad – with well-known brands such as Disaronno, Zucca, 18 Isolabella, Artic Vodka and the Irish whiskey The Busker.

The wine division with Sicilian labels such as Corvo, Duca di Salaparuta and Florio, and the two B2B divisions “Ice” and “Bakery”.

The group is completed with two satellite companies in India and China.


The Illva group had numerous individual installations of the Oracle JD Edwards ERP, often used in different versions and not always up-to-date. Hence the need to:

  • convergence, standardization and economies of scale to support the exponential growth of the group
  • centralized approach to managing complexity
  • guarantee the specific characteristics of each company in the group
  • keep prices, margins and contracts under control.


The goals and strategy were clearly defined and the upgrade to the new release of Oracle JD Edwards was implemented in all the companies of the group, guaranteeing:

  • a single environment
  • adherence to standards to limit costly customizations
  • safeguarding the existing procedural and application heritage
  • data uniformity.

Two Oracle JDE configurations were developed to respect the specificities of the 2 business areas: “spirits and wine” and “ice and bakery”. The various Illva companies are based on one of the two configurations within an infrastructure managed in outsourcing by a third party.

A single ERP environment on a private cloud delivers centralized production and sales planning and financial management services.

For Business Intelligence Illva relies on Oracle Business Analytics on which Sinfo One has developed a pre-configured vertical module specific to the needs of the wine and spirits sector.

To manage relations with large-scale distribution, Illva uses the specific module, Q19, developed by Sinfo One and officially certified by Oracle.

To refine the automation of processes and the calculation of performance Illva relies on Oracle Orchestrator which allows you to set up a pervasive IoT strategy.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, adapted by Sinfo One to the needs of the Illva Group, helps in the management of the civil and fiscal aspects of consolidated financial statements.


Illva has freed itself from the burden of customization and can manage its growth with more flexibility. Oracle JDE operates in the group with a single centralized version.

Reporting functions are shared and uniformly available online, on the web and on mobile devices. They allow all companies in the group to analyze in detail all aspects of warehouse production, purchases and sales.

Sinfo One’s Q19 module allows optimal management of relations with large-scale distributioncontractsanalysis of the actual cost of the discounts applied to the various retailers, calculation of the margins of each reference at the point of sale.

Orchestrator, used on production lines, provides data for the detailed calculation of the performance of production lines or individual machines. The project also paves the way for the implementation of robotic process automation (RPA), with the ERP itself making small decisions that refine operation.