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Product Lifecycle Management

An effective Product Lifecycle Management solution guarantees the best results in supporting innovation strategies.

It allows the reduction of time-to-market, guarantees regulatory compliance, tracking all the aspects of a product lifecycle, optimizing concretely the value chain.

The right PLM solution and Sinfo One’s experience provide assurance of a PLM implementation with fast results and a sure and high ROI.

Understading the Market, Improving the Offering, Increasing Revenues

Understading the Market, Improving the Offering, Increasing Revenues

New customer needs, growing competition, stringent regulations and country-specific: to bring a new product on the market and making profits out of it, it is necessary to consider more variables and evaluate their impact along the whole product life cycle.

Moving from the ideation phase to market availability requires:

  • Time and cost optimization
  • Data analysis of complex and heterogeneous information
  • Full regulatory compliance

This is not a simple task, but a Product Lifecycle Management tool helps getting the results. So you can satisfy both market and shareholders demands.

Best-of-Breed PLM Software: Our Proposal

Best-of-Breed PLM Software: Our Proposal

Sinfo One has many years of experience in PLM for process projects and a deep knowledge of the main solutions on the market.
Based on this experience Sinfo One brings to the market one of the most performing vertical PLM solutions for the process industry: Infor Optiva.

Optiva manages all the different innovation processes improving quality, ROI and cost-effectiveness.

We are expert system integrators and we’ll guide you in implementing Infor Optiva, providing a better process governance and a real competitive advantage.

Advantages Insight

7 Benefits of PLM for Process Manufacturing


Reduced Time-to-Market

From ideation to production and market availability: creating the best links between the value chain and make execution faster, reducing the time-to-market up to 30%


Guaranteed Compliance

Defining the regulatory criteria, the rules and policies to adhere to and assure compliance, especially if the products are destined to multiple or heavily regulated markets


Transparent Processes

Unifying Lifecycle Management you gain visibility over all business processes and get full ingredient traceability in all formulations


Agile Procurement

Making supply chain management smarter with well-defined precise parameters for quality, characteristics and price for purchased materials, and adapting the vendor list to these requirements



Creating a single source of truth for recipes it’s possible to uniform data and processes, creating standard practices even if manufacturing happens in different plants or for different target markets


Intellectual Property Protection

Preserving the company patents and know-how profiling all access, defining security rules and authorizations, tracking critical data operations



A centralized management of products lifecycle reduces redundancies, gets rid of inefficient processes and optimizes the use of resources, improving cost-effectiveness

An Expert Partner for a Successful PLM Project

We’re qualified IT consultants and system integrators, expert in vertical solutions such as food & beverage and chemicals or cosmetics.

We provide top services and offer qualified consultancy. In the implementation phase, we make prototyping quick thanks to our know-how.

When the PLM is live, we support customers integrating specific features in the software development roadmap.

10 Things You Can Do with Infor Optiva Supported by Sinfo One

  • Evaluate costs and potential revenues with what-if scenarios
  • Create a single source of truth for all data
  • Protect access to critical data
  • Integrate workflows along the whole product lifecycle
  • Adhere to all regulatory requirements to ensure compliance
  • Speed up recipe formulation
  • Simplify procurement and supply chain
  • Track materials and production processes
  • Control task advancement with “stage-gate” methodology
  • Optimize product labelling


“From 5 to 1 tools for recipes management in just a few months.”
Sandro Salvigni - PLM Project Manager of Amadori
“The numbers of our PLM journey: 5.270 packaging data, 11.650 recipes data, 2.040 ingredients data, 2.785 finished products data, 300 users in 10 operating companies.”
Dr. Ronald Schrödter  - Intersnack Director Quality Assurance
“The training was handled expertly by Sinfo One, which was determined not to ‘sacrifice it’ despite the scant time at our disposal to carry out the entire project.”
Alessandra Vella - IT & Business Process Manager at Sperlari
“Sinfo One has helped us to have a broader and more complete vision, also in order to follow the current changes that impose an ever more intense digitization.”
Stefano De Dionigi - Group Quality Director of Irca