Product Lifecycle Management for food & beverage

A PLM project is not just an IT project but is primarily a business organization and reorganization process focused on product development activities.

Sinfo One, with more than 30 years of experience, over 200 customers - 75% of which operating in the Food & Beverage sector - and proven experience in understanding business requirements and innovation needs, can drive every food & beverage company at the PLM solution that best suits their needs.

Sinfo One's PLM for food & beverage, Si around, is more than just a technology solution. Si around is a new, strategic approach to the product value chain that emphasizes process efficiency, cross-functional collaboration in the extended enterprise, rapid innovation, rigorous quality control, risk mitigation and cost-effectiveness.

Si Around allows you to fill the innovation gap inside organizations providing:

  • higher product quality;
  • shorter time to market;
  • a leaner and more efficient value chain;
  • faster and easier compliance;
  • increased profitability;
  • better insight into product-related processes throughout the value chain.
  • decisions based on accurate and comprehensive data.

Si aroundis a workflow based platform for team collaboration calibrated on your specific business needs, both on premise and hybrid as well as cloud.

Si around is a set of fully integrated modules.

Global Specification Management

  • Management of product specifications (nutrients, allergens, ingredients, claims).
  • Recipe optimization.
  • Approval flows.
  • Technical legislation compliance.
How to manage the breadth and depth of the Corporate Brands portfolio?
Thanks to Si Around you can optimize recipes and approval flows and easily manage also very large Brand portfolios.
How to manage compliance with increasingly stringent legislation?
With Si Around you can manage and keep track of all product specifications and ensure compliance with legislations and industry standards.

New Product Development

  • Global consistency with flexibility.
  • Innovation data in a single repository.
  • Definition of metrics to measure projects success.
  • Improved collaboration via web based network.
  • Knowledge base for innovation.
How to cope with the rapid evolution of consumer requests?
With Si Around you can optimize and speed up new products’ launch while meeting ever more pressing and rapidly evolving consumer’s needs.
How to guarantee the correct return on innovation?
Si around allows you to monitor the development of new products: status of progress, resource allocation and KPI.

Supplier Collaboration

  • Assured suppliers’ compliancy.
  • Centralized web based portal to optimize suppliers’ collaboration throughout the extended enterprise.
  • Seamless integration of outsourced development, supply and manufacturing resources.
How to create a supplier platform and standardise workflows?
Thanks to a suppliers’ portal and management of suppliers integrated with product specifications (documents, approvals, raw materials, contacts).

Product Quality Management

  • Integration of critical product documents, such as non-conforming, corrective actions and suppliers’ corrective actions.
  • Product quality improvement by tracking customers’ complaints and audits.
  • Integrated compliance processes.
How to preserve Brand reputation and avoid the consequences that a trivial labelling error can cause?
Thanks to Si Around you can manage nonconformities, setup corrective actions, plan audits and handle customers’ complaints.
How to ensure a centralized and coordinated management of complaints received from various channels (toll free number, phone calls, emails, website, etc.)?
Thanks to Si Around you will have a single repository for the centralized management of complaints, integrated with all company’s systems.