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Change Management

Embracing Change Effectively and Consistently

Through change management, we help companies transform their goals, values, processes, and technologies effectively, using strategies and methodologies fine-tuned over 20 years of experience.

Change management can either be separate from digital transformation, preparatory to it, or operate alongside it. In this case, implementation time is significantly reduced – by 20% to 40% – resulting in lower costs and higher expected benefits.

With cross-functional expertise in processes, organization and systems, we help businesses deal with change by using the three levers consistently and synchronously, avoiding costly gaps between the changes made and the IT solutions selected.

The 5 Pillars of Change Management

In the Sinfo One methodology, change management is based on 5 pillars:

  1. defining objectives and the parallel benchmarking of activities within the company’s sector, and identifying gaps (organizational, technical, cultural etc.) between objectives and the current situation
  2. classifying gaps and identifying priorities, resolution modes, times, costs and expected benefits

  3. clearly communicating to the various business entities – on intervention areas, expected improvements, and next steps – to encourage commitment by as many resources as possible
  4. actively supporting change by training and supporting the people involved, both on the new processes and the new solutions implemented

  5. continuous improvement: repeated check-ups to identify any new optimization interventions.