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Our Story

1984 saw the birth of Pragma in Parma.
The company developed expertise in mainframe databases and won its first major clients: Barilla, Italgel and Cassa di Risparmio di Parma e Piacenza.


Pragma launched the Si Fides project, a proprietary ERP system dedicated to SMEs.

In 1998,Pragma formed an alliance with JD Edwards, entering the world of international ERP consultancy. This important alliance was a strategic and winning move, strongly shaping the company’s future development. Equally important was the strategic decision not to abandon the proprietary ERP system, Si Fides. Indeed, the company continued investing in two separate ERP platforms (Si Fides and JD Edwards), developing an offer for companies of all sizes and degrees of organisational complexity: from small companies to large multinationals.

In 1999,Pragma Srl became Sinfo Pragma Spa, moving to its new headquarters on Via Benedetta in 2000.


At the beginning of the new decade, Sinfo Pragma began developing vertical Si Fides solutions for specific sectors– Food & Beverage in particular – and providing Outsourcing services.

The strategic alliance with Oracle, who had acquired JD Edwards, was forged.

In 2007, whilst the market of was gradually filling up with systems integrators and ERP players – Sinfo Pragma bucked the trend, deciding to go down the route of specialisation. Enjoying a steadily growing turnover, the three founding partners transformed the company’s three divisions – Industry, Banking and Personal Computing – into three autonomous companies: Sinfo One (solutions for industry and the services sector), SiGrade (solutions for banks) and SiNext (personal computing).

The “new-born” Sinfo One increased its market share and further strengthened its partnership with Oracle, on both a national and international level. In 2010, of all the Oracle EMEA Partners, Sinfo One was awarded the prestigious EMEA Partner Specialization Award, in recognition of its experience and expertise in supporting clients in implementing and integrating IT solutions.


Having developed significant expertise in the Food & Beverage sector and strong experience from its almost pioneering work on Product Lifecycle Management solutions (PLM), Sinfo One began establishing itself in Europe, winning a number of important projects and clients, such as KP Snack (UK), Intersnack (Germany), Tönnies (Germany), Labeyrie (France), Iko Industries (Canada) and Turbocoating Corp (USA).

At the same time, its turnover grew significantly in Italy and abroad: + 67% between 2013 and 2017.

On 13 October 2016, Sinfo One joined Redfaire International, the joint venture bringing together the world’s most important Oracle consulting partners to operate jointly in managing international projects involving Oracle JD Edwards. This alliance was an important step in further expanding Sinfo One’s international presence.

On October 2018 Sinfo One has opened its capital to  two new minority shareholders, Tönnies and Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano  I, to accompany and accelerate the international growth projects  already under way.


On October 2021 Sinfo One carries out the Buy back of the Tönnies shares.