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BI & Agile Analytics

Business Intelligence

For us, managing a Business Intelligence project means, above all, instilling in our clients a culture of basing the management of decision-making processes on concrete factors.

In our methodology, a BI system is ideally made up of three main elements:

integration processes to retrieve data from different sources

data management processes (data warehouse or data lake where data is stored and manipulated)

analytical tools to read and analyse data.

To these are added two elements that act across the entire system: security and governance.

Data warehouse

Data warehouse

The Data Warehouse is the starting point of a good Business Intelligence solution. We manage our clients’ data warehouses with next-generation solutions, integrating traditional expertise with the new demands of data management: georeferenced data, unstructured data, social network data, open data etc.

The data warehouse solutions we offer industries, each with over 1000 indicators, significantly cut cost, time and risk to support best practice in the sector in question.

Advanced analytics by subject area:

  • Customer

Experience, loyalty, satisfaction, cross-selling and up-selling.

  • Human resources

Data consolidation, payroll, performance, workforce, training, head hunting, careers.Blockchain, IoT, Machine learning

Supply chain traceability, automation of repetitive procedures and processes, Bots, predictive maintenance.

The Best of Technology

We adopt a consolidated methodology that ensures quality of results and respect of time and costs and use market-leading technologies:

  • Oracle BI
  • Oracle Hyperion
  • Oracle Analytic Sever
  • Business Objects
  • Sap AnalyticCloud
  • Microstrategy
  • Cloud Microsoft Power BI
  • Qlick view
  • Information builder
Si By 2.0: accelerator for JD Edwards, SiFides e SAP

Si By 2.0: accelerator for JD Edwards, SiFides e SAP

  • Pre-configured BI solution for JDE Enterprise One, SAP and SiFides.
  • Based on Oracle technology. It can integrate both Oracle Data Visualization and Oracle BI.
  • Fully modular, customizable and scalable.
    Integrates the most advanced data analysis technologies on different platforms (OCI, AWS, etc.), such as the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Maximum performances in its main task of analysis, data mining and forecasting.

A Team of Experts

Sinfo One provides solutions, consultancy and training to transform data into knowledge and knowledge into actions and decisions capable of generating value.


We have a team of experts in the creation and management of complex systems of Data WarehouseBusiness Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management. We provide personalized advice and training:

  • from Project Management and Decision Making to the updates introduced by new methods and best practices;
  • from database management to the creation of reports and dashboards, up to the modern data discovery systems.


“Working with Sinfo One meant compressing time and simplifying complex tasks.”
Roberto Serra - CEO Galbusera
“The role of Sinfo One was important: the project started from their Data Warehouse model, subsequently engineered according to our needs.”
Antonio Pisano - CIO of Ilva Saronno Holding