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ESG Solution

Certify ESG commitment and increase Business Value

SiBy ESG is Sinfo One’s solution for optimizing corporate processes related to ESG activities through continuous monitoring and planning of materiality issues (environmental, social and governance).
Si-ESG helps integrate financial and non-financial data to meet more than just reporting requirements. In fact, it allows you to:
  • plan and manage ESG procedures ensuring transparency towards all the parties involved and the regulatory authorities, fundamental steps for the preparation of the Sustainability Report according to the certified GRI standards
  • effectively evaluate corporate performance on an environmental, social and governance front
  • constantly update the contents in line with the evolution of the GRI guidelines, enhancing the company’s ESG investments.
Why choose SiBy ESG?

Why choose SiBy ESG?

SiBy ESG enhances the company’s commitment on the social, environmental and governance fronts and allows each activity to be reported quickly and effectively and in full compliance with the law. The interface is user friendly and reports and dashboards can be customized and exported.
SiBy ESG allows you to:
  • increase accountability and transparency
  • monitor performances efficiently and accurately
  • improve the accuracy and verifiability of data by minimizing the risk of errors
  • save time and resources in data collection and validation
  • enter and integrate data easily, even online
  • constantly update the contents according to the evolution of the GRI guidelines.
  • produce advanced reports consistent with GRI standards and access them from any device
  • make informed ESG decisions and set up comprehensive and effective plans
  • integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the story of sustainability and ensure transparency towards consumers, shareholders and stakeholders
  • enable checks by external auditors (financial statement assurance).
Integrate All Data in a Simple and Safe Way

Integrate All Data in a Simple and Safe Way

ESG data come from many systems in your organization, including ERP, HR, Supply Chain and other operating systems, often in different standards and formats. For this reason, the integration of all data into a coherent whole is one of the most delicate and qualifying steps in the ESG process. Having a single record of primary ESG data means you can set your ESG trajectory and track progress across all lines of business.

SiBy ESG is a robust analytics tool that makes it easy to collect data from internal systems and third-party applications.

It offers tools for validating and controlling sustainability data, such as variance trackers, approval flow management and alerts when pre-set thresholds are reached.

It enables real-time monitoring and reporting and comprehensive reporting that facilitates traceability and audits, internal and external.

Use SiBy ESG with Your ERP!

SiBy ESG is a cloud solution.

SiBy ESG is a plug-in solution that can be used with the main ERPs on the market: SAP, Microsoft Navision, Infor CloudSuite, …

SiBy ESG is also available embedded in SiFides and Oracle JD Edwards ERPs.

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