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EPM – Oracle Hyperion

Enterprise Performance Management

Accurate planning, budgeting and forecasting, faster financial consolidation and closing, truly data-driven decision making.

Oracle Hyperion EPM enhances the ability to analyse and manage financial business processes.

With the support of Sinfo One, implementation of the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management solution is swift and customized.

Planning and Control: The Importance of Agile Processes

Planning and Control: The Importance of Agile Processes

Fierce competition, increasing diversification, and large fluctuations in costs (and revenues) characterize the general framework in which many companies operate today.

In this context, it is essential to improve the management of planning and control process.

To understand how to develop your business and which strategies to adopt, you need access to reliable data – possible very quickly – that can be analysed diachronically.

You can do this by building a single source of truth, allowing you to speed up your analytics, monitor key metrics for financial planning, and implement strategic choices based on concrete data.

Oracle EPM: Accuracy, Speed, Completeness

Oracle Hyperion is the most comprehensive and reliable enterprise-performance-management tool on the market. It is a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for optimizing planning, budgeting, forecasting and more.

Hyperion reduces time and costs and improves financial management, with full regulatory compliance and maximal visibility of business KPIs.

Oracle EPM: Accuracy, Speed, Completeness

Analytics and simulations

In-depth and fast data analysis. Planning of company activities at all levels. Realistic scenario simulations to evaluate opportunities and risks.

Oracle EPM: Accuracy, Speed, Completeness

Advanced Technology

Technologically advanced solutions to carry out complex procedures such as financial consolidation in a cost- and labor-effective manner.
No compromise on precision and accuracy of results.

Oracle EPM: Accuracy, Speed, Completeness

Easy system integration

It integrates easily into your IT infrastructure and can interact with ERP systems, other management applications or office productivity software such as Excel.

Choose the best solution for financial planning!
Oracle is the market leader in Garthner™'s Magic Quadrant® 2023

Plus and quick benefits

7 Benefits of Oracle Hyperion



Accurate analysis, consistent data, synchronized procedures: define and achieve precise goals by implementing your strategy in all its details



Reduce the time it takes to run analyses, reports and more, without compromising on results, thanks to technologically advanced features



Oracle EPM is a user-friendly, non-invasive and virtually ready-to-use solution, which you can set up and begin using in a very short space of time



Oracle EPM uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline work, and performs the most time-consuming, repetitive and low-added-value tasks independently.



It supports decision-making by offering reliable scenario simulations, accurate data management and rapidly-generated reports and documents



Hyperion helps optimize performance management, streamline business processes and increase the digital maturity of the business



EPM engages with the best management systems and creates fruitful synergies by interacting with Sinfo One’s BI solutions and data warehousing.

An Expert Partner at Your Side

We offer 20 years of Oracle EPM experience and are pioneers in integrated sales and operation, budgeting and control planning with Hyperion.

Oracle Hyperion EPM, the best-in-class solution, combined with the knowledge of an expert system integrator such as Sinfo One, ensures:

  • fast adoption
  • tailor-made implementation
  • results you can trust.

With expertise and a goal-oriented approach, we can accelerate implementation time and enhance Oracle EPM capabilities by creating:

  • specific connections between Oracle Hyperion and other applications;
  • integrated workflows across financial, operational and business processes
  • customized parameterization to meet the needs of any business.


  • Cost and profitability analysis
  • Financial consolidation and closing
  • Account reconciliation and transaction matching
  • Tax reporting and obligation managementMulti-level reporting and analytics
  • Short, medium and long-range planning and budgeting“What-if” scenario simulations
  • Channelling data into a single source of truth


“It has been critical working with a player of this calibre. They make us proud to be Italian ”
Roberto Serra - CEO of Galbusera
“It has been critical working with a player of this calibre. It meant compressing time and simplifying complex tasks”
Roberto Serra - CEO of Galbusera