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The company

The company

Casalasco is the first Italian industry for the production and processing of industrial tomato.

With 240 million of euros in billing in 2017 and more than 560.000 tonnes of fresh processed tomato Casalasco aims at becoming the entity of reference at European level in the industry of 100% Italian preserves, both with third parties’ brands and with its own brands (PomìPomitoDe Rica).


The Sales & Operation Planning project had the primary objective of answering the questions:

  • what to produce, buy, transport and store?
  • where, when and at what cost?

Thanks to a direct integration with the operational planning processes (MPS / MRP)  the company has obtained significant benefits in terms of efficiency of the production process and, above all, of effectiveness in the ability to react to the market.

The project involved:

  • New business planning – planning of  economic goals on the customers starting from the budget objectives;
  • Planning of the medium-long term demand – revision of the historical series starting from a base line calculated with a statistical algorithm;
  • Statistical planning – planning of statistical trends in sales with predictive algorithms;
  • New product planning – planning of price and quantity of new products based on new business values;
  • Collaborative planning – review of the distribution curves of the quantities of the promos.