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The company

The company

Mutti produces canned food, particularly in the tomato sector. Leader in Italy, Mutti exports to 95 countries around the world. In the last twenty years it has experienced exponential growth, bringing turnover from 20 to 400 million euros. Exports currently account for 33% of turnover and are growing year by year in double figures, starting with European markets, such as France – where Mutti is the market leader -, Germany and the Nordic countries. In addition to Europe, Mutti is also establishing its presence in Australia, Canada, Israel and the United States (Mutti USA Inc was founded in 2017).


As with any Food & Beverage company, quality and supply chain traceability are essential. Since the bulk of production is concentrated in just 60 days, it is of primary importance to keep the risk of product obsolescence under control.

Growth in new markets requires a more extensive territorial distribution. Changes in consumer buying behaviors require managing smaller batches.

Mutti therefore wanted a shared analytics system that involved all company functions, from logistics to production, from purchasing to quality control. In addition to the “classic” KPIs to monitor the economic and financial situation, Mutti wanted KPIs to monitor:

  • the supply chain
  • the quality
  • the risk of product obsolescence


A new business intelligence model was developed that went beyond the traditional concept of management control. KPIs have been developed for:

  • monitor and follow the product along the entire supply chain
  • predictively identify products at risk of obsolescence, indicating lots and warehouses
  • summarize the qualitative state of the processes

The system is not limited to analyzing the past, but is able to predict the future and immediately suggests the corrective actions to be taken.


Mutti now has dashboards that process statistical functions to provide very precise forecasts.

Very significant KPIs have been developed for logistics, production and quality control for:

  • geo referencing the fields of tomato producers
  • geo-temporal tracking of entry / exit of trucks in the fields, and entry / exit of trucks in the delivery and unloading yard
  • analyse operating times (loading, traveling, unloading)
  • reduce the risk of obsolescence
  • guarantee a higher level of product quality and a higher level of warehouse efficiency.