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Molino Grassi


The company

The company

Molino Grassi rules European organic flours.  Set up in 1934, this company processes common and durum wheat to produce high quality products. It relies on a state-of-the-art industrial complex, featuring the best technology that mills 220 tons of durum wheat and 220 tons of common wheat every day.  Organic flours account for 60% of its turnover. Molino Grassi exports about 30% of its turnover and it ranks third in the Italian milling industry for exports. Molino Grassi’s strength lies in its supply chains built with farmers to promote a new way of producing, i.e. to meet the new consumer trends in terms of health and nutrition.


  • Turning the different way of managing supply chain and quality into a speciality.
  • Focusing on quality, supply chain control and innovation to grow and increase exports.
  • Managing several varieties of wheat and data relating to products to make decisions rapidly with regards to suppliers and destination of raw materials in storage silos.
  • Reducing delivery times and optimising logistics.


The partnership with Sinfo One has enabled Molino Grassi to start a transformation programme through the optimization of all production processes and acceleration of quality control processes and traceability in all supply chain stages, namely from contracts to storage, from the forwarding of orders to handling and logistics.


Thanks to SiFides Food&Beverage the company now relies on:

  • state-of-the-art processes
  • rapid and reliable information and a quick and shared management of documents;
  • full internal and external traceability;
  • effective, yet simple quality control thanks to document management;
  • short delivery times, thanks to optimised logistics, and improved relations with customers.