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The company

The company

Parmalat is an important international company specialised in the production of milk and fruit products. The company supplies products to more than 200 million consumers worldwide with a wide range of products; it has 68 production plants in Italy and has about 800 milk farms as suppliers.


In 2017 the company highlighted the need to have a full revision of the pricing procedures for the entire product range, distribution channels and various types of customers.

The purpose was having more flexibility in defining discounts and promotions, whilst respecting the existing discount rates and ensuring integration with the system used by the sales forces.


Sinfo One managed to achieve all the objectives thanks to:

  • expertise about SAP;
  • comprehensive know-how about the industry and pricing procedures;
  • experience gained in a similar project for another important food company.


New types of discounts and price schemes were created modifying the logic behind the definition of some existing discounts.

The old external discount system was discontinued and the new one, TPRICING, was integrated with SAP by means of:

  • change of the existing interfaces to create and modify discounts;
  • extraction, conversion and upload of discounts from SAP to TPRICING.

Benefits for users
Discounts on the Normal Trade channel are established according to a combination of “Customer grouping” and “Product aggregation”.

The work of users has been simplified thanks to a management based on sales logics:  they can fill out a multidimensional matrix – Customers / Products / Discount type – to define promotions and communicate with all the players of the supply chain.  The data collected is automatically converted and uploaded to SAP.

Furthermore, users can check the sales conditions entered by means of calculation simulations.