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The company

The company

Intersnack Group is a privately owned company, leader in the food industry with a production of 450.000 tons of sweet and savory snacks. The company cover, with a broad portfolio of private label and branded products, all savoury snack segments.

With a track record of 40 years of organic and external growth, Intersnack is present with 29 production units, 10 operating companies and has more than 8.600 employees all over Europe.


  • Process harmonization throughout 10 operating companies.
  • Full integration with suppliers in a multinational environment.
  • Have all data at one place at only one time.
  • Manage high requirements for compliance and food standards.
  • Integration with different systems in place from historical growth.


Intersnack has chosen Sinfo One for its experience in PLM for process and its methodology that aims to lead projects through a successful, quality and timing completion.

The project approach is based on understanding essential and hidden business needs, creating suitable and effective solution, driven by Sinfo One experience on project management.

Sinfo One approach enabled Intersnack to manage consistent data in a single point of truth specification system.


  • Supplier collaboration and direct approval through the supplier portal.
  • Increased efficiency in product lifecycle management thanks to a harmonized way of working across the whole product hierarchy.
  • One single specification system for 10 operating companies.
  • Meet different customers’ demands through tailored reports.
  • Managing of the whole company activities in a unique strategic sourcing.
  • Unified ingredients data management.