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The company

The company

Founded in 1836 , Sperlari is today a leader in the confectionery market and a symbol of Made in Italy all over the world. The history of Sperlari is characterized by continuous growth thanks to the ability to combine tradition and innovation, old recipes and new tastes.

Alongside the historical products, over the years the company has created new products and new successful brands, such as SailaDietor and Dietorelle. Each brand is a ‘pioneer’ who invented the category in its own market segment.

Sperlari is now part of the international Katjes group.


When, in 2017, Sperlari started working with Sinfo One, the PLM solution, installed in 2010 and continuously updated, was no longer suitable for the company’s needs. It was costly and divided into modules that were not fully integrated.

Sperlari needed a complete and integrated PLM solution, suited to the needs of the moment, but also able to follow the company in its growth and future needs.


Sinfo One proposed a single platform, both for the development of new products and for the management of product specifications (nutrients, allergens, ingredients, claims).

A great focus on the results by both teams, Sperlari and Sinfo One, made it possible to manage a crucial step respecting the go live scheduled for March 2018.

All the phases necessary for the development of a product have been redesigned, involving new figures and simplifying some steps.


Optimization of the various product approval processes.

All information in a single system – one set of number – in order to extend the solution not only to the management of the product and its life cycle, but also to the management of projects, suppliers and quality.

It’s possible:

  • generate and validate the information to be included on the label more quickly;
  • link each recipe trial developed by R&D to the related project managed by Marketing;
  • check compliance already in the product development phase, facilitating checks in the subsequent phases.

The solution is graphically appealing and very easy to manage: in a single system, users have all the information relating to the product, throughout its life cycle.