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Oracle ERP JD Edwards

The Digitization that Works

Oracle’s best technology delivers a powerful, comprehensive, and integrated suite to help you work smarter and more flexibly as the market evolves.

Anticipation is the key to staying competitive. With JD Edwards we keep you one step ahead.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2: Synergy that Accelerates Business

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2: Synergy that Accelerates Business

Oracle JD Edwards is a complete, modular, and scalable next-generation ERP solution. It enables complete, deep digitization that makes businesses more efficient and integrated in every functional area.

Oracle ERP provides end-to-end visibility to enable data-driven decision-making through advanced, real-time information management.

Digital Evolution: Evolve to Compete

Digital Evolution: Evolve to Compete

In the digital economy, ignoring change and resisting a model of continuous evolution puts any business at risk.

A constantly changing market offers great opportunities, but vision, efficiency, agility and readiness all require strong technological support and a drive for innovation.

Immediate advantages and benefits

7 Reasons to Choose Oracle JD Edwards



Manage activities in an integrated way by organizing data and processes to ensure complete visibility and control.



Control everything, from procurement, supply chain planning, production tracking and goods handling.



Get up and running quickly and efficiently by optimizing resources, time and costs with artificial intelligence and a powerful robotic process automation engine.


User Experience

Deliver a superior user experience, essential for immediate onboarding, supporting productivity, and simplifying configuration and personalization.



Keep your business moving and innovating with a solid, predictable product roadmap with new features and upgrades guaranteed.



Strong industry specialization (food & beverage, delivery-to-order, distributed manufacturing, fashion & retail) and over 80 customizable, modular applications.



Choose from a variety of infrastructure options by implementing the right solution for your needs, be it on premises, cloud or hybrid.

An Expert Partner to Help You Get the Most out of Oracle ERP

The combination of Oracle ERP JD Edwards – the “best-in-class” management solution – and Sinfo One – a qualified and certified system integrator – guarantees not only a modern solution but a key stakeholder able to oversee its integration and development within the digital infrastructure, supporting companies on their road to change, on a technological level, but also in terms of processes and mindsets.

Sinfo One supports you in speeding up and optimizing all phases, from appraisal to implementation. Helping you deliver results that reflect business objectives and surpass expectations.

The outcome? Real efficiency at all levels.

The quality of the Sinfo One JDE team has not gone unrecognised, earning them six Oracle awards.

Sinfo One is also a partner of Redfaire International, the joint venture that brings together leading Oracle JD Edwards partners, offering a global team of experts who follow the same methodology and philosophy. Thanks to this partnership, Sinfo One can advise on Oracle JD Edwards localizations worldwide and support customers during implementation.

ESG – the Sinfo One Solution Based on Oracle JDE

The Sinfo One ESG solution for JD Edwards supports companies in setting plans and pursuing sustainability goals.

It allows you to record and control ESG activities and objectives, update the contents and set up the sustainability report in line with the GRI Standards, integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the sustainability story and enable verifications by external auditors (financial statement assurance).

Case Studies

Companies that Have Chosen Oracle JD Edwards and Sinfo One


Simplified quality assurance. Regulatory and process compliance. Traceability of raw materials and finished goods. End-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain. Monitoring of shelf life and cargo storage conditions. Commercial creativity management.

Industrial Manufacturing

Advanced control over production cycles. IIoT machine and asset integration. Agile planning. Costing. Workflow automation. Integrated supply-chain management.


Detailed quality controls. Regulatory and process compliance. Internal and supply-chain traceability. Manufacturing and logistics simulation and planning. Multi-channel sales. Support for research and development.


Optimizing typical processes. Managing global supply chains and measuring supplier performance. Optimizing component planning and management. Managing typical EDI processes.

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