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Certified Origins


The company

The company

Certified Origins aims to bring high quality extra virgin olive oil all over the world.

It operates in major global markets – Canada, USA, Asia and Latin America – and has branches in China, Mexico, Spain and the USA.

Traceability, sustainability and return to origins are the workhorse of Certified Origins. It is one of the first companies in the sector to have invested in the Blockchain to monitor and track high quality extra virgin olive oil from the Italian bottling plant to the port of arrival.


  • A single ERP for the whole group
  • Information in real time
  • Uniform intercompany standards
  • Overall view to understand the economic, logistical and planning trends
  • Constant monitoring of warehouses


Certified Origins chose Oracle JD Edwards and Sinfo One because they represented the best response to the company’s needs. Both for the ERP functionalities and for the experience and know-how in international food & beverage projects.

The new solution was designed from the start in the cloud.

In just five months (February – July 2021) Oracle JDE was implemented for the entire group in the logistics area and in Italy, Spain and the USA in the finance area. The extension of the finance part to the last two countries (China and Mexico) was completed in the following months.

The next step (2022) involves the inclusion of a Business Intelligence module to improve internal processes.


  • Unified and shared information – overview to understand the economic, logistical and planning trends.
  • Dynamic data and availability of a single system for all branches that guarantees information in real time and limits the possibility of errors.
  • Uniform intercompany standards at the logistical level with consequent advantages at the operational level.
  • Constantly monitored warehouses and easier order entry by branches.
  • Ability to query financial data flexibly and quickly.