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The company

The company

The Clai Group specializes in the production of cured meats and fresh beef and pork. 300 million euros in turnover, 500 employees, 256 partners and 4 factories are the numbers of Clai.

Clai operates on the national and international market on various sales channels: GDO, wholesale, retail, HoReCa and a local network of its own points of sale.

Over the years Clai has grown by seeking an ever higher quality of products and a better organization of production and sales processes, also thanks to technology.


  • Flexibility and control
  • Traceability of products throughout the supply chain
  • Lean and integrated processes
  • Optimization of relations with large-scale distribution
  • Integration between the companies of the group and the different plants
  • Definition of a model that can be replicated on new acquisitions.


In 2009 Clai chose Oracle JD Edwards and Sinfo One as a partner. Go live in a year.
The standard features of Oracle JD Edwards were exploited and the project focused on the company’s future development plans.
Sinfo One continues to collaborate with Clai with consolidation and updating activities.

The latest projects (2020/21) concern Sales Force Automation and supply chain traceability.

The ERP was accompanied by a Business Intelligence system to enhance the ability to read information.


  • Greater control capacity with reliable and timely data.
  • Greater ability to analyze information, thanks to ERP – BI integration.
  • More efficient relations with large-scale distribution in data exchange and management of communications, deadlines, deliveries and labeling.
  • Completely traced supply chain, from pastures to the supermarket. An App is provided to communicate the entire value chain to the final consumer.
  • The IoT Orchestrator allows you to manage systems on the move with information in near real time.