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The company

The company

Gragnano, with its legendary artisan tradition, is the “home of pasta”. Pastificio Lucio Garofalo has always been Gragnano’s leading pasta manufacturer in terms of size, quality and volume, thanks to its ability to keep tradition alive, successfully marrying it with modern approaches and technology.

The Garofalo story is in the pasta itself, in the company’s centuries-old knowledge and experience, in its constant drive for quality and taste, and the its wide product range: 4 lines and over 80 types.


When Pastificio Garofalo decided to change its logistics operator in 2011, it needed:

  • to integrate itself with a national-level logistics operator;
  • guarantee a wide distribution network throughout the whole of Italy;
  • and integrate its own SAP management system with the systems of the logistics operator.


Sinfo One, having long supplied IT solutions to Italian logistics operator Number1, and with expertise in SAP systems, was able to manage the whole project successfully, guaranteeing quality, timely delivery and 100% achievement of objectives, allowing both parties to benefit from their skills and expertise.

Sinfo One’s experience as a System Integrator, combined with their SAP expertise, made it possible to create a solution that was both suitable and efficient, speeding up the integration process as much as possible with dedicated and reliable solutions.


  • Significantly reduced project turnaround times.
  • Minimal impact on internal operations, even when changing logistics operator.
  • Quality information on the status of delivery orders, provided almost in real time.
  • SAP system for controlling and monitoring flows exchanged with the logistics operator.