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KP Snack


The company

The company

KP Snack is one of the biggest snack companies in the UK and Europe’s lead producer of savory snacks by volume.

The company owns some of Britain’s most iconic snack brands and produces a wide range of snacks for the UK’s leading retailer. Everyday KP manufactures over 440 tons of finished products.



  • Track and monitor product development from initial innovation right through to product launch.
  • Increase suppliers’ collaboration to manage ingredient information.
  • Store legacy information in respect of high quality and compliance standards.
  • Manage a specification system workflow and security highly oriented.
  • Search and report centralized data.


KP Snacks has chosen Oracle Agile PLM and Sinfo One as a partner.

Sinfo One methodology aims to lead projects through a successful, quality and timing completion. The project approach was based on understanding essential and hidden business needs, creating suitable and effective solution, driven by Sinfo One experience on project management.

The Sinfo One approach enabled KP Snack to redesign critical business process with high commitment and positive impact on their business.


  • Effectively manage project and portfolios of cross-functional business units and activities.
  • Fulfil very specific UK legislation for recipe calculation.
  • Monitor audits, processes and premises certifications for between 200 and 300 suppliers.
  • Store and approve Ingredient, Recipe, Finished Product, Packaging, Nutrient and compliances.
  • Tailored search and export data to meet business and customer requirements.