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The company

The company

Ampacet is a global manufacturer of masterbatch, color and additive for plastics. In addition to the headquarters in New York, Ampacet operates with three headquarters – Luxembourg, Argentina and Thailand – and 25 production sites located in 18 countries, employing more than 2,000 people around the world. In Italy it operates with a factory in the province of Bergamo.

Technology is an essential element of connection between widespread teams.

The pandemic has opened up new markets for Ampacet and determined the need to adapt the organization to the new demand.


Rationalize production processes and adapt production lines to the constant demand for new products.

React effectively to a demand that grows faster and to the opening of new markets (eg medical).

React to a value chain increasingly integrated with that of different players in the market.

Increase efficiency, flexibility and speed of decisions.

Lean solutions for users and industry best practices.


The entire project revolves around the ERP Oracle JD Edwards, the actual Ampacet’s core solution. At the beginning of 2021 Ampacet launched an Oracle JD Edwards project with Sinfo One with particular focus on Manufacturing and Supply chain.

Innovative solutions have been implemented to respond to the rapid growth in demand, the opening of new markets and an increasingly integrated value chain.

Various tasks have been automated with robotic process automation (Rpa).



Some advantages brought by the project:

  • Improved time to market of new business initiatives.
  • Reaction to changes in demand with greater flexibility.
  • Simplification on many fronts, from managing employee travel reimbursements, eliminating paperwork, to the more complex remote management of production lines during the pandemic.
  • Thanks to the RPA it is possible to take advantage of the exchange of information with customers and vendors.

Ampacet now plans to rely on Sinfo One consultants to review the entire company’s systems.