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JBT Foodtech


The company

The company

JBT Corporation -manufacturer of food processing machines and airport equipment – is a multinational company with 6,200 employees and a total turnover of over $ 1.5 billion. The Liquid Foods division, which is implementing Sinfo One solutions in Europe, represents about a third of the corporation.

JBT Italia specializes above all in the heat treatment of foods, in particular fruit, tomatoes, vegetables and in the canning of tuna. Its strength is the customized products, adapted to the specific needs of customers.


What distinguishes the Italian division Liquid Foods of JBT Corporation is a strong vocation to accompany the customer in the search for innovative solutions and development of new products. The strength of the company are the customized products, adapted to the specific needs of customers.

In 2011, JBT was looking for an ERP that offered advanced tools for managing orders and analyzing company costs. They found in JD Edwards and in the people of Sinfo One the ideal partners to meet these needs.


JBT FoodTech has chosen Oracle JD Edwards and Sinfo One as a partner.

Implementation times were very rapid: four months from project kick off to go live.

The costs were limited and remained fully within the set budget.


The very positive experience of the Italian reality influenced the choices of the group in Europe: it was decided to entrust all the implementations of JDE to Sinfo One, in particular the projects in Belgium and Holland.

Oracle JD Edwards has become a key element in implementing new strategies and improving processes.

Among the most recent projects are significant:

  • the creation of the new portal dedicated to suppliers
  • the management of vertical warehouses, an opportunity to review the entire warehouse management.

Finally, the implementations managed by Sinfo One in other European countries favor the sharing of information between the various production centres.