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LSI – Lamiere Speciali Inox


The company

The company

LSI process flat stainless steel products and are a major manufacturer in the Italian and European market: A turnover of 65 million euro and a widespread commercial network guaranteeing real-time responses to customer needs.

Production facilities with cutting-edge equipment.

Organisation, order and technology are LSI’s strengths.


LSI’s approach to Industry 4.0 is step by step, gradually building up a very high level of computerisation. The growth of LSI is almost indelibly linked to Sinfo One’s expertise: the partnership began in the 1990s.

In recent years, the ever-evolving scenario has radically changed market requirements, becoming increasingly geared towards just-in-time production. This calls for:

  • faster responses;
  • increased market presence;
  • reduced risk of error;
  • improved traceability;
  • more efficient production planning;
  • better customer service;
  • dematerialised processes and the creation of a paperless value chain.


2016 saw the launch of the upgrade release project for the Si Fides ERP; its various assets included substantial modification and expansion in the areas of production and warehouse management, and the introduction of radio frequency.

Throughout the upgrade project, there was a strong focus on training and staff engagement. A roadmap was drawn up – for sectors, offices and applications – and we worked in advance in small “digestible” stages over short periods of time, so as to limit the disruption to daily activities.

To facilitate the training, Sinfo One developed an expedient prototype enabling a “dry run” before the system went live.


The general feeling is that the new Si Fides release, which went live in June 2017, has brought considerable benefits:

  • a more versatile approach;
  • more streamlined processes;
  • more efficient order fulfilment;
  • faster delivery schedules;
  • significant satisfaction levels of the staff on the production lines, who now work on touch screens.