Si Fides is an extended ERP system created by Sinfo One, for all application areas. Si Fides provides guaranteed immediacy, ease of navigation, ease of use and ease of access to information at any time, from any device.

Flexible and modular

Si Fides is a modular, object oriented, multi-platform and multi-database ERP Cloud solution developed in Java. Si Fides is a multi-company and multi-site system that, thanks to its high degree of scalability, is capable of keeping in step with your company’s growth over time, supporting and facilitating its development, both in terms of business and organisational structure

Natively integrated

Si Fides covers all company processes through the use of high-performance modules designed to work in an integrated way. The individual modules may also be activated gradually, based on the relevant business priorities and demands.

Tailored solutions for your company

Si Fides is highly customisable and adaptable: during application set-up, it is possible to configure specific scenarios, perfectly aligned with your company’s demands.

Established method

We incorporate Si Fides into your company using an established approach, perfected over the course of numerous implementation projects and using various pre-set strategies depending on the business, volume and processes managed.

Supporting the growth and profitability of your company.

Si Fides helps optimise and speed up decision-making processes, and increase profitability and profit margins.

Qualified, customised services