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Iperal Group


The company

The company

Iperal, founded 1986, today has 43 points of sale between hypermarkets and supermarkets.

The group, which is constantly growing, is an important point of reference in the panorama of large retailers in Northern Italy.

The employees are 3 thousand (of which 71% are women) and the turnover, which has been growing steadily for years, is equal to 780 million euros.


Iperal recognizes the importance of organization combined with technology, of progressively improved processes through skills, organizational methods, procedures and information systems.

The long partnership between Iperal and Sinfo One began in 1995 and has accompanied the company’s growth over the years and favored the adoption of best practices.

The specific knowledge of the sector and the solid knowledge of the processes by Sinfo One were fundamental elements at the basis of the initial choice. The continuous development of the partnership is the result of deep mutual trust.

Over the years many challenges have been shared. Hyperal holding uses the ERP SiFides to manage 10 companies: passive and active cycle, analytical accounting, treasury, asset management, integration with document management, etc.
SiFides also manages cash flows, cash automatisms and analysis of cash register data for all points of sale.

The Capital Budget project will be active from summer 2020