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Mora Carrelli Elevatori


The company

The company

Mora produces electric, thermal and special forklift trucks.

With two production units and an entirely internal production cycle, the company supplies important industrial groups worldwide, exporting 60% / 70% of its production. The outlet sectors vary from Automotive to Wood, from Paper to Steel.

In 2000, the company decided to specialize in large-capacity machines, with electric or endothermic motors, very customized. Almost unique pieces, considering the high level of customization.


Each forklift is custom designed. The average lead time is seven to eight months and extends for more complex solutions.
The life cycle of the machines produced by Mora is extremely long, sometimes decades. The warehouse covers both production and after-sales components (over 16,000 references).
Among the needs:

  • eliminate discrepancies between materials already assigned to a job order (and not yet picked) and those available
  • have an exact picture of the special components mounted on each machine, even during the upgrade phase
  • fully computerized production lists, automatically recorded by the ERP and available for consultation in real time.


Mora Carrelli and Sinfo One have been collaborating for 35 years.

Mora has implemented the SiFides ERP and over the years new features have been activated and all the release upgrades have been made.

In 2021, the radio frequency project dedicated to the warehouse was launched. The go live in just two months.

Flexibility and control in the production chain

  • Complete and updated inventory of all components
  • real-time situation of the warehouse
  • precise production lists and elimination of errors
  • traceability and identification of every single movement in the production processes
  • simplified management of the components in the warehouse
  • facilitated control of production orders.