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Gelato d’Italia


The company

The company

Gelato d’Italia produces ice cream both under its own brand and for industry leaders and large-scale distribution.

It is a growing international company strongly committed to technological innovation.

The company is able to produce about 450 varieties of ice cream, thanks to the investment in cutting-edge technologies, capable of making the lines “multifunctional”.

In 2016, the Idea Taste of Italy fund entered the capital, favoring further international expansion.


  • Optimize relationships with suppliers
  • Ensure seamless integration of resources
  • Ensure supplier compliance
  • Get more timely information
  • Eliminate labeling errors


The PLM project focused mainly on collaboration with suppliers.


The management of all aspects related to the development of new products has improved. It is possible to trace all the information contained in the product hierarchy, also facilitating the passing of external audits.

On the supplier management front, it allows:

Supplier compliance assurance
Collaborate with suppliers more efficiently and effectively
Seamless resource integration
The finished product labeling process is leaner, more advanced and more precise.