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San Giorgio


The company

The company

San Giorgio is a company with 30 million turnover and 150 employees. Specialised in food service with state-of-the-art production and storage equipment, it produces deep-frozen, sweet and savoury viennoiseries.

The company is in the top five of its market and, for the second year running, the Italian stock exchange singled it out, from over 7,500 SMEs, rewarding it for the excellent performance and goals reached.

San Giorgio products are sold also abroad where the company is particularly known for its specialities.


Innovation is a key element for San Giorgio.
In 2016 it started a software selection to identify an ERP that could:

  • support expansion;
  • make processes more efficient;
  • create a more integrated work environment;
  • make reliable information available quickly;
  • ensure greater control on the entire supply chain.


The implementation of the Sinfo One ERP only recently (summer 2017) got under way. The trial period has been completed, and also shadowing and training to have all the staff set to go.  The go live is expected in spring 2018.


With the Sinfo One management software, San Giorgio expects to have a more integrated environment, more efficient processes and increased supply chain control.

Meanwhile, the company has confirmed professionalism and competence, as well as attention for team members.