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Gelato d’Italia




Gelato d’Italia produces ice cream both under its own brand and for industry leaders and large-scale distribution.

It is a growing international company strongly committed to technological innovation.

The company is able to produce about 450 varieties of ice cream, thanks to the investment in cutting-edge technologies, capable of making the lines “multifunctional”.

In 2016, the Idea Taste of Italy fund entered the capital, favoring further international expansion.


The strong growth – turnover doubled in just 3 years and the creation of 150 new products in just one year – has made it necessary for Gelato d’Italia:

  • extend the functional coverage of the system and safeguard the corporate information and experience assets
  • standardize operational processes in all departments
  • ensure greater control of the variables underlying the production processes, from procurement to warehouse management, from cost control to production planning.

Furthermore, it was essential for Gelato d’Italia that the project guaranteed implementation times compatible with the activities and growth.


Gelato d’Italia has chosen SiFides food&beverage for covering the typical needs of the sector and for its adaptability and flexibility, which allows you to configure specific scenarios at the time of application set-up, aligning with the specific needs of the company.

The PLM and BI projects followed and accompanied the ERP implementation, generating further added value.


Gelato d’Italia now manages and controls without problems:

  • commercial policies (agreements, promotions, advanced discounts, commissions)
  • the quality and traceability of the supply chain
  • production planning
  • supplier management, with cost and performance analysis, thanks to production planning tools and PLM
  • profitability analysis (by contract, customer, product).

Furthermore, Business Intelligence allows you to analyse the most important parameters, supporting the decision-making process.