Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Management

Sinfo One provides solutions, consultancy and training to transform data into knowledge and knowledge into actions and decisions capable of generating value.

We have a team of experts in the creation and management of complex systems of Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management. We provide personalized advice and training:

  • from Project Management and Decision Making to the updates introduced by new methods and best practices;
  • from database management to the creation of reports and dashboards, up to the modern data discovery systems.

We use market-leading technologies (Oracle BI, Oracle Hyperion, Business Objects, Microstrategy) and adopt a consolidated methodology that ensures quality of results and respect of time and costs.

Business Intelligence

For us, managing a Business Intelligence project means, above all, instilling in our clients a culture of basing the management of decision-making processes on concrete factors.

The Data Warehouse is the starting point of a good Business Intelligence solution. We manage our clients’ data warehouses with next-generation solutions, integrating traditional expertise with the new demands of data management: georeferenced data, unstructured data, social network data, open data etc.

The data warehouse solutions we offer industries, each with over 1000 indicators, significantly cut cost, time and risk to support best practice in the sector in question.

Si By is our pre-configured BI solution for JDE Enterprise One and based on Oracle technology. Si By is modular (sales, purchases, finance and inventory) and can integrate both Oracle Data Visualization and Oracle BI.

Version 2.0 of Si By integrates the most advanced data analysis technologies, such as the Autonomous Data Warehouse, in order to enable the maximum performances in its main task of analysis, data mining and forecasting.

Our preconfigured Si By can count on more than:

  • 80 JDE tables connected
  • 50 ETL processes
  • 50 fact tables
  • 130 data lists
  • 500 predefined OBI metrics
  • 300 reports
  • 25 dashboards.
I have JDE and I want to implement a scalable and certified BI system
Our Si by solution is based on embedded technology. It is completely customisable and scalable, enabling it to address the different demands of business analysis across various fields: Sales, Acquisitions, Finance, Credit Analysis, Sales Budget, Warehouse etc. Each of the solution’s modules is endowed with predesigned dashboards and a management reporting system.
I have a traditional BI solution and I want to move towards data discovery.
Data discovery is above all a user-oriented process; the technology merely serves to facilitate the user. We have perfected a specific method for implementing data discovery solutions that is person- rather than software-oriented.

I have a traditional reporting solution, but I am overwhelmed by the

hundreds of reports. I want to create an efficient analytics solution.

Stay on top of all those reports to focus on the really important metrics from a top down perspective. This is our goal when it comes to analytics. The tool we use to achieve it is storytelling: a guided, methodological approach allowing managers to navigate their data, even on the move.


Enterprise Performance Management is an important competitive leverage for companies that must follow continuous market changes and manage the complexity of their business.

Performance Management involves important processes and organisational elements. It exposes hidden problems and focuses attention on the agents involved, granting more direct responsibility and greater autonomy to those contributing to the process.

We currently use spreadsheets for our planning and budgeting. Working this way takes a lot of time, is labour intensive and introduces a high risk of human error.
Our adopted Performance Management solution (Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) enables you to structure planning processes on a company and departmental level. It is endowed with Web- or Excel-based modelling, planning and approval functions that are completely integrated as part of a scalable solution.
The business is rapidly growing and supply and demand are extremely unpredictable.
Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service provides predictive and analytical features for generating the forecasts that enable users to create various scenarios and make decisions for the future based on what-if simulations.