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Oracle Cloud Day 2018 – POC Sinfo One on AUTONOMOUS APPROACH

22 November 2018
Oracle Cloud Day 2018: Unieuro presents the Proof of Concept by Sinfo One on how to build an  AUTONOMOUS DATA STRATEGY. Title of the speech by Filippo Orlando and Angelo Ludovico - respectively Data Developer and Data Scientist of Unieuro - is

"Autonomous Data Strategy: innovation and ecosystem in the age of digital disruption".

As they strive to become more data-driven, many organizations discovered several points of improvement in their business intelligence system. The fact of the matter is, traditional business intelligence platforms, although effective at creating static views of historical information, fall far short when it comes to flexibility and speed. As a result, companies today increasingly seek alternative approaches. Unieuro present an alternative approach to analytics that can provide: Use more data more quickly Use new data Adaptive analyze of historical information What if analysis, a view of the future Autonomous Data Strategy: innovation and ecosystem in the age of digital disruption | Oracle Cloud Day 2018