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Transforming Data into Information Using Business Intelligence

Sistemi&Impresa - September 2018

Illva Saronno: Interview with Antonio Pisano, Head of Information Systems

The Illva Saronno Group has grown exponentially over the years by opening new branches around the world and purchasing companies or brands, which today make up the ecosystem controlled by the holding company: 15 companies representing numerous countries and prestigious, world-renowned brands such as Disaronno, Duca di Salaparuta, Tia Maria and Florio.

Managing such a complex ecosystem means having to rely on ERP software that can offer considerable added value. The group needed “a platform to provide real-time information” and that could manage “vast amounts of data”. Illva opted to use Oracle JD Edwards, which, via the holding company, manages all the group’s operating companies and respective overseas branches in the Spirits, Wine, Ice and Bakery segments.

The Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse systems, on the other hand, have been implemented in almost all group companies.