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Press Review

Overseeing Processes with Technology – This is How Business Becomes Sustainable

Sistemi&Impresa - September 2022

Interview with Paola Pomi, CEO of Sinfo One.

Geopolitical complexities and market uncertainty pose new challenges for companies. In order to manage these challenges, you need to rely on solutions which anticipate events and prepare you for them. And which enable businesses to be resilient by making more informed decisions.

From PLM integrated with ERP to give full visibility on product development processes, to RPA (Robotic process automation) to free operators from routine tasks, so that they can concentrate on tasks with added value. To the ERP used to govern information and data, and also for the drafting of the sustainability report.

"In the past, companies have focused mainly on the digitization of production, while the ‘brain’ - which has the important task of processing and controlling information - was neglected."