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Press Review

Optimize Production with Digital Technology

Sistemi&Impresa - September 2022

The Transformation of the Food Sector Hinges on Data Management.

The Food & Beverage sector requires cutting-edge technology solutions to deal with new challenges. In order to better monitor the market, there has been increased interest in the digitization of production, but also in the redesign of the supply chain, so that it is adequate for the new factory and distribution needs. This is why technological choices must also aim at solutions specifically designed for the sector industry, in order to optimize processes, the supply chain, stock management, quality, safety and traceability ERP is confirmed as the best ally to ensure an optimized and timely supply chain management.

Sinfo One supports the growth of companies in the sector through almost 40 years’ experience and a long series of successful F&B projects: some of the companies that have relied on the services of Sinfo One relate their experience.