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Press Review

Digital and Integration to Stay Connected. Innovation as Leverage for Restarting

Sistemi&Impresa - September 2020

At a time of uncertainties, technology can prove to be an important compass. Having a digital ally makes it easier to re-examine coordinates, change paradigms and  react to difficulties and sudden changes.

In order to stay in the market, companies must become familiar with the concept of flexibility and develop new business models, even if not necessarily innovative ones. Being able to rely on state-of-the-art ERP allows for an increasingly closer integration of processes, a constant flow of information, and quick simplification of automatic systems.

8 Sinfo One customers explain how they leveraged technology to grow and react in moments of strong discontinuity:

  • Euro cosmetic (Cosmetics)
  • Fratelli Galloni (Ham production)
  • Molino Grassi (Production of organic flours)
  • Alimenta Produzioni (Production of PGI piadinas)
  • Mutti (Production of tomato passata and canned food)
  • EffeEmme (Production of medical devices)
  • Enertronica Santerno (Production of inverters)