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Sinfo One and SMEA: 11 years of fruitful cooperation

28 January 2019
In 2008, Sinfo One entered into partnership with SMEA - centre of excellence in training and academic research - and AMA - the Association of the alumni of the Master’s degree in Agribusiness at SMEA. SMEA supports financial and managerial expertise in the agri-food sector providing courses, undertaking research and offering consultation and outreach services. «During our work we often meet young talents, and sometimes we recognize, in their words, their expectations, their talents, the path they have undertaken even without reading the curriculum. ... After years of attendance, after years of collaboration, after years of discussion to plan together professional paths I can say: "This guy comes from SMEA" ... Various talents have entered Sinfo One from SMEA. Many thanks to Davide Mambriani for his cooperation and congratulations to Fulvio Fevola, the new president of the former school alumni » Paola Pomi, CEO at Sinfo One