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6 November 2018
Project Portfolio Management is now THE TOOL for managing projects. How to achieve complete project control? How to properly organize the resources? How to understand which projects are late or which are draining more resources than they should? How can the various project actors collaborate effectively? Project Management Cloud is the answer: it improves financial supervision, execution and performance analysis. Sinfo One has implemented Project Portfolio Management projects on the Oracle PPM Cloud solution in large international companies. The solution helps to achieve success by offering tools for high productivity, improving project management in the management of resources and activities and supporting decision-making processes. Managers can work anywhere thanks to the tailor-made mobile app, ensuring versatility, agility and flexibility typical of the cloud. Sinfo One guarantees specialized support to customers through specialized professionals. The applicability of the solution is cross to different sectors:

Food & Beverage;

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic;

Professional Services;

Energy, Oil & Gas;

Finance & Banking;

Engineering & Construction.