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3 May 2019
13th - 14th May | NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky | Amsterdam | Boot 12 Come to visit us at World Food Innovate Summit in Amsterdam – at boot 11 – Paola Pomi - Sinfo One CEO - will present the new tendencies in IT as well as PLM systems. How Technology is Remaking the Future of Food? Which are the new approaches in terms of technology as well as systems? Food is the global language, a primary commodity and an expression of cultural existence with no boundaries and unites all people, industries and countries. The human experience is deeply rooted in food – in the cycle of human activity that includes food production, distribution, manufacturing, shopping and of course eating. Planet’s complex food system has developed several core strategies for optimizing this cycle of food experienced. Production aims for intensification. Distribution requires efficiency. Manufacturing is at its best when it can be standardized. Shopping centralizes food in a common marketplace. There are many urgent issues that we face in creating a more resilient, delicious, sustainable and equitable future of food as well as understanding technology’s role in closing the gaps in the food system. These issues can only be addressed through the continuous process of innovation under the guide of our future food industry leaders as well as their technology partners. At the heart of the process is the notion that in order to innovate, we should understand user’s needs and the context surrounding the design.