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E-invoicing and Digitalization: a Big Opportunity

19 March 2019

Electronic invoicing, dematerialization and management of authorization processes for the Inalca Group, the absolute leader in the Italian beef sector .

Inalca has chosen Sinfo One for the project of dematerialisation of the active and passive cycle, which involved all 16 subsidiaries.

A single Information & Process Management platform, integrated with invoicing and electronic storage services, has made it possible to transform the regulatory obligation of electronic invoicing into an opportunity.

Thanks to the automatic and bilateral exchange of data between the ERP, the Information & Process Management platform and the Electronic Billing services, the Inalca Group can:

  • monitor the progress of active invoices in the ERP;
  • acquire the data of the passive invoices in the ERP;
  • use "digital paper clips" to logically correlate with invoices other documents of the active and passive cycle.

Phase two of the project involves the design and activation of approval processes for passive invoices.

The accessibility of documents and the traceability of operations and information will make it possible to:

  • optimize procedures;
  • monitor and reduce bottlenecks;
  • reduce payment times.

The project is implemented on the ARXivar NEXT Information & Process Management platform.