Sinfo One’s SAP service line was launched in 2004. Continually growing over the years, the team has been enriched by new professional roles and specialisations in the following areas:

  • progressive management and maintenance;
  • technical application maintenance;
  • development of SAP-integrated solutions;
  • functional consultancy;
  • personalisation.

Qualified expertise, experience and methodology

Our SAP consultants keep their technical and professional knowledge constantly updated, offering:

  • a minimum of 8 years experience;
  • first-rate expertise;
  • flexibility and the capacity to swiftly and efficiently adapt to the multiple situations and various needs of clients and the market;
  • efficiency, demonstrated across numerous projects, delivered with fast turnarounds and a consistently high standard of service;
  • precision, always guaranteed, even in high-volume projects, by our rigorous approach (naming conventions and implementation standards);
  • excellent quality of the delivered project;
  • results that always meet pre-determined objectives.

Services provided

Technical application maintenance
The technical maintenance service for SAP R/3 and SAP Hana installations:
  • manages all pre-existing personalised features (including from other providers);
  • resolves malfunctions and anomalies;
  • manages potential malfunctions of the standard;
  • finds and applies OSS notes to resolve bugs;
  • provides IT support within the company.

We deliver our technical maintenance service by:

  • defining shared SLAs;
  • closely analysing the issues;
  • providing data on the interventions made (modules, programs etc.);
  • using a Solution Manager (where applicable).

Progressive maintenance

Our progressive maintenance service on SAP R/3 and SAP Hana installations:

  • offers a reliable and expert technical team, with significant experience and suitable qualifications;
  • is methodological in its approach, making efficient interventions to the system to introduce customisation and/or implement specific personalised features;
  • manages all progressive maintenance on pre-existing personalised modules;
  • adopts operational and documentation standards;
  • guarantees the flexible provision of services.

Integration projects

Our integration projects for SAP R/3 and SAP Hana installations involves:

  • managing significant integrations to pre-existing solutions, in order to adapt to new business or organisational demands, or new modes of collaboration with other companies;
  • carrying out projects to stabilise pre-existing solutions, or "reversion to standard" projects;
  • undertaking preparatory projects to release upgrades;
  • uusing a software factory to implement projects within a SAP system.

All of the above, whilst guaranteeing operational and documentation standards, and respecting time and cost constraints.