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Qualified Application Maintenance

Our SAP team

Sinfo One’s SAP service line was launched in 2004. Continually growing over the years, the team has been enriched by new professional roles and specialisations in the following areas: 

  • progressive management and maintenance;
  • technical application maintenance;
  • development of SAP-integrated solutions;
  • functional consultancy;
  • personalisation.
Qualified Expertise, Experience and Methodology

Qualified Expertise, Experience and Methodology

Our SAP consultants keep their technical and professional knowledge constantly updated, offering:

  • results that always meet pre-determined objectives.
  • a minimum of 8 years’ experience, developed across numerous projects, delivered with fast turnarounds and a consistently high standard of service;
  • flexibility and the capacity to swiftly and efficiently adapt to the multiple situations and various needs of clients and the market;
  • quality and precision, always guaranteed, even in high-volume projects, by our rigorous approach (naming conventions and implementation standards);

Companies that Have Chosen SAP and Sinfo One