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Industrial Manufacturing


  Sinfo One offers two ERP solutions dedicated to Industrial Manufacturing: SiFides and Oracle JD Edwards. The proposed ERPs allow to optimize typical processes, manage global supply chains and complex commercial agreements, control margins in ETO (Engineer to Order) productions, guarantee good warehouse management, etcetera. Look at our success stories:  

How to cope with a complex global supply chain?
Benefit from multi-currency, multi-company and –site functionality and achieve P&L visibility down to product level.
How to produce and distribute a highly diverse range of products?
Benefit from support for dual unit of measure, catch weight process, cross-docking and demand-flow manufacturing.
How to deal with high volumes of product turnover?
Use supported warehouse put-away, picking and replenishment functionality, including RFID and license-plate capabilities.
How to manage a global supplier network?
Use our solution to measure supplier performance, aggregate spend and decrease contract administration costs.
How to define flexible rebates even after generating payments to the customer?
Use our Q19 module to change rebates parameters at any time and retroactively.
How to set up business agreements with customers based on global turnover targets.
Use our Q19 module to manage and calculate rebates for aggregated targets and liquidate customers for individual line of business.
How to analyze the margins of the various product ranges in relation to commercial agreements.
Use our Q19 module to manage rebates, from definition to controlling.
How to determine the true product cost?
You can get a punctual control of the product’s cost, thanks to the industrial accounting that follows each phase - from the receipt to the shipment of goods – and thanks to the possibility of setting up costs absorption according to the logic of your business.
How to guarantee an efficient warehousing, which is key for successful order execution?
Our solution automatically suggests inventory plans, positions and locations, and optimizes shipping.
How to manage price variations to gain optimal profitability?
Use advanced pricing functionality to execute pricing policies and integrate that solution into ERP to your web shop.
How to guarantee good margins, given the complex, order-based ETO production?
Reduce logistics costs through proper stock management and efficient processing of orders and deliveries.
How to manage cost structures in differentiated international supply chains?
Our solution provides real-time reporting for improved operational efficiency and detailed tracking of historical project cost data.
How to deal with increasingly shorter product lifecycles?
Our mobile applications and Internet of Things solutions help you to drive business innovation and understand your customers’ needs.
How to ensure availability of stock items while being challenged to drive down stock costs?
Our solutions include integrated supply and demand information and allow for forecasting on demand, production and asset utilization.
How to plan production - internal and third-party - given a highly customized demand?
Managing all processes and times of the extended supply chain, both for internal and external processing phases.