How to simplify financial management by ensuring full financial visibility into manifold operations?
Our solution reduces paperwork, simplifies financial planning process and financial procedures and receives full financial visibility into manifold operations.
How to manage fixed assets in a simple and effective way?
Our solution controls and tracks financial assets easily and quickly, and provides comprehensive reports about valuation, assets and depreciation.
How to monitor my business financial performaces?
Our solution optimises cash management, and provides real-time dashboards – with expenses, key revenues and receivables metrics – and various financial reports in accordance with the company requirements.
How to guarantee an effective payment management system?
Our solution allows a huge variety of payment options, more effective payment acceptance and secure and full financial processing.
How to model the administration system to different metrics, currencies, models, etc.?
Thanks to the ability to budget in manifold world currencies, store operational and financial metrics and account and operate various models for product planning and complex sales.
How to guarantee the integration with other systems?
Our solution helps to exchange information with any external applications, online financial dashboards, e-mail calendar notes, etc.