How to cope with a complex global supply chain?
Benefit from multi-currency, -company and –site functionality and achieve P&L visibility down to product level.
How do I manage a global supplier network?
Use our solution to measure supplier performance, aggregate spend and decrease contract administration costs
How to determine the true product cost?
You can get a punctual control of the product’s cost, thanks to the industrial accounting that follows each phase – from the receipt to the shipment of goods – and thanks to the possibility of setting up costs absorption according to the logic of your business.
How Maintain an Accurate Picture of Cumulative Demand ?
The solution improves your responsiveness to the constantly shifting requirements from your customer/OEM. You can accept orders in any of the EDI formats preferred by your different customers—and accommodate their unique forecasting, shipping, transportation-sequenced, and reporting processes.
How to manage Automotive EDI processes?
The solution manages the flows and synchronizes the production with the customer demand, breaking down manual activities and ensuring the timeliness required by the automotive market.
How Increase scheduling accuracy?
The solution manages the information directly into your planning and sales order management processes. Planned demand quantities are factored into your forecast, allowing you to spread demand to optimize your inventory and service levels.
How to handle components for customers and maintenance?
Our solution facilitates unified inventory management to ensure timely availability for both OEMs and service market.
How manage Inbound Demand Calculations ?
The solution gives you the flexibility to define demand calculations that conform to your customer mandates while enabling you to consolidate demand across different customers and products.