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Gruppo Cariparma Crédit Agricole


The company

The company

The Cariparma Crédit Agricole Group is the main participation of Crédit Agricole S.A. in Italy.

It is the seventh Italian banking group, present in ten regions, with 809 branches, about 9,000 employees and 1,700,000 customers.

Crédit Agricole Cariparma exercises the functions of management and coordination also with the subsidiaries Crédit Agricole FriulAdria and Crédit Agricole Carispezia.


Cariparma is Sinfo One client since 2006.

The management and cost control of the parent company has improved with a project based on the SiFides ERP: Budget, Purchasing, Warehouse Management, Analytical Accounting and Suppliers, Asset Management and Active Billing.

In the following years the project was extended to:

  • Banca Popolare Friuladria in 2008
  • Carispezia in 2011
  • Crédit Agricole Group Solution in 2013.
    Currently, activities are underway to incorporate into the management other 3 banks: CR Rimini, CR Cesena and CR San Miniato.