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Investing in digital technologies to compete in the era of crises

Sistemi&Impresa - September 2020

What have we learnt from the Covid emergency ? How to run a company at times of great uncertainty?

The magazine Sistemi&Impresa interviews Paola Pomi, CEO of Sinfo One and professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

The importance of managing the complexity of the new supply chains by redesigning them and identifying new market opportunities.

The importance of real-time monitoring system and flexibleappropriate and always up-to-date technology.

Today more than ever we need the certainty of information and the ability to process data into useful information for making decisions. Having numerous disjointed systems does not allow you to obtain integrated information and this can prove dangerous in a phase of crisis. What is needed is a single, effective vision: a collaborative approach underpinning the ERP is successful in these situations, because together with BI it provides real-time monitoring and speedy management of various critical issues.

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