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Innovating the nervous system of companies – The ERP evolution


From process automation to IoT, from Business Intelligence to market forecasting with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. This is how Sinfo One sees the development of ERP, a tool essential for growth, whatever the size of the company.

Interview with Paola Pomi, CEO at Sinfo One

The ERP forms the backbone of the company, the foundation on which the whole structure can be built, that is why it must be considered indispensable for every kind of enterprise, regardless of the sector”

“What makes the difference is the applicability of technology: this is the aspect that can offer a concrete benefit to customers. It means conveying to companies the advantages of applications that are really of use in day-to-day operations

“It is not merely a matter of implementing technology: change management is the real challenge. Change is always going to upset the existing balance, but it would not make sense to replicate the status quo. It is an indispensable step for continuing to increase margins and for growing in a healthy way. Only those who invest will be able to constantly improve performance.”

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