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The company

Perfume Holding was set up in 2010 from the merger between Morris Profumi and Selective Beauty, and it offers a supply chain integrated approach: from creation to manufacturing and distribution of fragrances.  The company has a portfolio of owned brands, such as Atkinsons 1799 and I Coloniali, and famous licensed brands, such as Ferrari, La Perla, Iceberg. The company aims at achieving world leadership in the ‘niche’ and ‘selective’ segment of the market.

Perfume Holding is divided between Paris – marketing and creation – and Italy – where headquarters, production, R&D, etc. are located – and has offices in London, Moscow, New York, Singapore, Dubai and Wiesbaden.



Perfume Holding uses Oracle JD Edwards, managed by Sinfo Once since 2011 with an application management and maintenance contract. The company was looking for a partner that could offer a competitive advantage in terms of innovation and ability to manage several developmental actions supporting business requirements, such as for example traceability to limit the losses caused by the grey market, and the certification of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which is fundamental to retain strategic customers who have extremely pressing quality and sustainability requirements.


Sinfo One and Perfume Holding established a ‘win-win’ partnership, thanks to the experience of Sinfo One, its past best practices and technical, implementation and delivery skill set. After the implementation of JD Edwards several projects of stabilisation, upgrade, development, etc. have been carried out.


Process optimization: reduction of solution notification times, elimination of recurring malfunctions and system freezes.

Reduction of Application Management costs by 40% in six years.

Increased system availability: from 350 days/year – with 1 or 2 days downtime every month, to 364.5 days/year and only 4 hours downtime per year.

Generation of increased efficiency – about +6% – with release upgrade.

Numerous application projects supporting the business, including:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification in record times.
  • QRCode and traceability from production to distribution and in-store placement.


We started from a system availability of 350 days per year, with one or two days downtime per month, to 364.5 days per year and only 4 hours downtime per year. An excellent result that has enabled us to reduce the Application Management costs by 40% in six years

We needed a system integrator that could be a real partner, i.e. that could ensure not only that everything worked, but that could also provide broad-spectrum IT advice

Unlike large consulting firms, Sinfo One is a partner that can establish a relation of mutual interest in the collaboration

Giuseppe Miceli - Vice President Organization, HR & IT di Perfume Holding

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