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Illva Saronno


The company

A historical company, whose origins date back to the Renaissance, today Illva Saronno is a Group whose business extends from alcoholic beverages to semi-finished products for ice creams, bakery products and optical lenses.

The group has grown exponentially over time, thanks to the opening of branches and the acquisition of companies and brands. Today the Illva Saronno Group is an ecosystem of 15 companies, with a presence in 160 countries and prestigious international brands such as Artic, Disaronno, Duca di Saraparuta, Florio, Isolabella and Tia Maria.

Illva Saronno stands out for its qualitative excellence and its ability to anticipate trends.

BI & EPM - Oracle Business Analytics

Sinfo One has developed, in a short time and at low cost, solutions able to meet the most stringent BI and Performance Management needs. The potential of Oracle Business Analytics and the experience of Sinfo One in building integrated solutions with the Oracle JDE ERP have been fundamental for the project.

Oracle Business Analytics is a combination of technology and applications that offers the industry’s first integrated end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management System. Includes industry-leading financial performance management applications, BI applications as well as BI Foundation, Tools and Data Warehousing applications.


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