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The company

Galbusera is a leading company in the Italian food sector. Founded in 1935 by the Galbusera family, the company has grown over the years into a group with a turnover of over 200 million. Galbusera is an established brand for biscuits and crackers, and the company is a leader in the health-food sector, with a market share of 40%.

The company also owns the Tre Marie brand, which it acquired in 2014, under which it produces special occasion and private label products.


  • To constantly monitor and compare end-of-year and budget data.
  • Predict sales and market trends (products, channels and customers), modifying resource allocation to the various activities accordingly.
  • Analyse relevant market trends and keep constant track of competitors to compare progress.
  • Know the return on investments in marketing and promotional activities, eliminating error and saving time.
  • Eliminate inefficient tools (e.g. spreadsheets) and manual data entry.


The company chose cloud planning solution Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management and Sinfo One as both their technological and process partner.

Sinfo One managed the whole product-customisation process, adapting it to Galbusera’s various lines of business. An important developmental step was the connection of the cloud-based Hyperion solution to the client’s business intelligence system, with its on-premises data warehouse. The group’s data warehouse – containing the data used to feed the business intelligence system, compile history, as well as management control and planning – links up with the ERP and also feeds the data of the new cloud-based solution.


Thanks to the solution developed with Sinfo One, Galbusera can now:

  • analyse market trends with statistical data developed by specialised companies on product rotation and their competitors’ progress;
  • view the market performance of products, channels and customers;
  • know the return on investments in marketing and promotional activities, eliminating error and saving time;
  • and customise data with data breakdown from channel to retailer.

Spreadsheets and manual data entry are now entirely obsolete.


Working with Sinfo One has saved us time and simplified complex processes

It has been critical working with a player of this calibre. They make us proud to be Italianche ci rende orgogliosi di essere italiani

Roberto Serra - CFO di Galbusera

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