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The company

Amadori is a leading company in the Italian agro-food sector, specialized in the poultry market. The turnover is higher than 1,2 billion euros. The Company rely on the collaboration of over 7,200 workers and has industrial plants, subsidiaries and branches all over Italy.

Amadori’s distribution network handles 36% of the total production of the company, supported by 350 agents, 700 lorries for secondary transport, and serving, on an almost daily basis, about 20.000 customers with 500 products and 1.700 items.


  • Interact with a more competitive market environment.
  • Innovate and enlarge products
  • Ensure high product quality from raw materials through to finished products.
  • Enhance new product development management.
  • Increase usage and effectiveness of historical data.


Sinfo One methodology aims to lead projects through a successful, quality and timing completion. The project approach was based on understanding essential and hidden business needs, creating suitable and effective solutions, driven by Sinfo One experience on project management.

Sinfo One approach enabled Amadori to speed up innovation and data management across the whole company.


  • Substantial reduction in time-to-market.
  • A global strategic overview of all new product development projects.
  • Real company single version of the truth built through transactional (ERP) and specification (PLM) system integration.
  • Availability, henceforth, of an historical repository.
  • Master data recipe always available.
  • Standardization of process flows, thanks to templates and communication sharing.
  • Global control of all final product  information, thanks to effective nutrient and compliance management.


From 5 to 1 tools for recipes management in just a few months.

Now our skilled people are able to innovate and be focused on relevant subjects, without wasting time on formal and no-value tasks

Sandro Salvigni - PLM Project manager Amadori

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