30 November 2022

Irca specializes in the production of ingredients and preparations for all professional B2B channels, from artisanal pastry chefs and bakers to large food industries. The product spans a wide range of categories: from mixes for bakeries, to confectioners’ creams, various types...

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9 September 2022

Founded in 1836 , Sperlari is today a leader in the confectionery market and a symbol of Made in Italy all over the world. The history of Sperlari is characterized by continuous growth thanks to the ability to combine tradition...

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Certified Origins

5 September 2022

Certified Origins aims to bring high quality extra virgin olive oil all over the world. It operates in major global markets - Canada, USA, Asia and Latin America - and has branches in China, Mexico, Spain and the USA. Traceability,...

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4 August 2022

The Clai Group specializes in the production of cured meats and fresh beef and pork. 300 million euros in turnover, 500 employees, 256 partners and 4 factories are the numbers of Clai. Clai operates on the national and international market...

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Illva Saronno

3 August 2022

The Illva Saronno holding employs more than 600 people and generates a turnover of half a billion euros. The production and commercial activities are organized into four business lines. The spirit division - which generates over 90% of its turnover...

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7 December 2021

Ampacet is a global manufacturer of masterbatch, color and additive for plastics. In addition to the headquarters in New York, Ampacet operates with three headquarters - Luxembourg, Argentina and Thailand - and 25 production sites located in 18 countries, employing...

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Antico Forno della Romagna

19 July 2021

Antico Forno della Romagna aims to bring together the excellence of bakery and to become the first pole of frozen bakery in Italy, developing production synergies between companies. The group operates with several prestigious brands, such as Bassini 1963, Pasticceria...

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Labeyrie Fine Foods

30 June 2021

Labeyrie Fine Foods is a French company specializing in premium and trendy food. The most important categories are salmon, foie gras, duck breast and caviar. The group has a turnover of 1.03 billion euros and 4,600 employees. Present in more than...

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14 June 2021

Hines is one of the largest privately held real estate investors and managers in the world, with a presence in 240 cities in 27 countries and $160.9 billion of assets under management. The group has been in Italy since 1999. Hines...

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7 June 2021

Mutti produces canned food, particularly in the tomato sector. Leader in Italy, Mutti exports to 95 countries around the world. In the last twenty years it has experienced exponential growth, bringing turnover from 20 to 400 million euros. Exports currently...

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